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ITCadence Offers Discount Pricing on Azure

Choose us as your Cloud Solution Partner and take advantage of discount pricing on Azure and all of their offerings.

Easily implement a disaster recovery plan

Azure provides a multitude of data centers across the world. Choose to either use a local data center or your office as the primary location and utilize Azure for your recovery site.

Moving your infrastructure to Azure is a smart move as we continue to see less investment in capital expenses.  Why pay for ongoing maintenance, licensing, and the hardware itself when you can scale effectively using only what you need at the present?  Microsoft Azure allows organizations to deploy the right resources at the right time using the latest in processor technologies.  For those unique applications GPU sets can be utilized to ensure optimal performance of graphic intensive applications.  

Take your directory structure to the cloud with Azure Active Directory.  This solution can help make your organization simplified by incorporating certain features such as synchronizing your on-prem domain environment, password writeback, password sync, group writeback, and enhance security is so many way.  


Extending your enterprise to the cloud and subscribing to many SaaS applications can cause an identity burden on any administrator.  Using the Enterprise Applications feature allows you to truly federate your identity and use governance, policies, and above all else MFA through the use of single sign on.