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Proofpoint Essentials Email Security
for Small and Medium Enterprises


• Robust anti-spam and multilayered anti-virus protection 

• Advanced protection against malicious URLS and attachments 

• Security for sensitive data leaving the organization 

• Intelligent content filtering 

• Search and e-discovery cloud email archive 

• Redelivery of any inbound email lost or deleted in the last 30 days 

• Protection of social media properties from spam and malware 

• Emergency Inbox for 24/7 email continuity

• Image-scanning technology to remove illicit images

With Proofpoint Essentials Email Security, you can protect your
enterprise from email threats. This includes phishing, malware, spam
and more. Our cloud-based enterprise-class email security, continuity
encryption and archiving product is designed for businesses like
yours. It’s backed by our unmatched security and infrastructure. And
it provides you with value and cost savings.



Essentials Email Security provides you with advanced threat protection. It
leverages our enterprise security technology and infrastructure, which is used by some
of the world’s largest and most security-conscious companies. And it’s backed by our
expert knowledge and understanding of the needs of smaller enterprises.
Essentials Email Security enhances your security. It gives you spam and phishing
detection, along with multilayered anti-virus protection. It also provides you with a
robust filter rules engine and email continuity with an emergency inbox. You get policy enforced encryption and a cloud-based email archive. And it’s all managed in a simple
and intuitive user interface.



To address today’s advanced email security requirements, you need an effective email solution. This requires you to have accurate threat detection, a SaaS infrastructure to enable control and flexibility for the end user, and methods of keeping business email up and running at all times. Our unique approach employs several techniques to keep you secure. 


Proofpoint MLX Machine Learning Technology 

Powered by Proofpoint MLX technology, our spam and phishing detection gives you maximum protection against email threats. It examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email. And it accurately detects text, image and attachment-based spam or phishing emails. At the same time, it automatically adapts to new threats as they appear. With this technology, you get the industry’s highest level of effectiveness— at 99%—against all types of spam email. And it uses the latest advances in reputation and content-based analysis. 

Purpose-Built for Organizations of Your Size
As a fully cloud-based solution, there’s no hardware or software
to install or to worry about updating. By filtering mail at the
internet level before it reaches the network, Essentials Email
Security can save you considerable amounts on administrative
tasks, bandwidth, end-user filtering, and even disk space
on servers. We know time is valuable, so we offer market leading technology without the management and deployment headaches. Your administrators can simply log into the online console and manage all users and account settings from a single, secure platform.  Multilayered Anti-Virus Scanning

Our advanced threat detection technology enables our anti-virus
engines to provide you with unrivaled protection from viruses
and other email-borne threats. All messages are meticulously
scanned by our sophisticated virus engines, operating at the
highest levels of accuracy, performance and effectiveness.
This ensures that all viruses are captured and blocked. And
for increased protection, our heuristics scanning technology
discovers unknown email threats unknown to the system. And it
protects against these threats in real time. 



Threat Protection Technology
Essentials Email Security leverages the advanced power of
Targeted Attack Protection, which is our industry-leading email
analysis solution. It also includes URL Defense and Attachment
Defense. And it’s the only solution that effectively detects,
catches and analyzes the malicious URLs and attachments that
target your people and your organization.



Data Loss Prevention and Content Filtering
With Essentials Email Security, you eliminate the risk that’s
inherent in individuals making security and disclosure policy
decisions. That’s because it uses a user-transparent, centrally
based, policy-driven data loss prevention filter. Your users
simply send email, and the appropriate action is automatically
taken. What’s more, we include a powerful, customizable rules management. And it provides highly sensitive levels of control regarding email traffic. The allows your users to control where their messages are sent and how they should be filtered, depending on specified rules. And it does this with full visibility and control of features.

Automated Email Encryption 

The need to secure communications that contain sensitive data
has never been greater. Fines, negative publicity, and loss of
customer trust await companies, both large and small, who lose
confidential or customer information. And companies of all sizes
face fines, negative publicity, and loss of customer trust if they
lose confidential or customer information. But our solution is
purpose built. It helps you reduce the potential negative impacts
of data loss by automatically encrypting email.


Never Miss an Email with Proofpoint Essentials Continuity
As a smaller organization, you rely heavily on email to do
business. But you can’t justify the cost of building a highly
redundant messaging infrastructure. A few minutes without
email may be manageable. But what about a few hours or a few
days? According to a recent survey conducted with Proofpoint
Essentials Email Security customers, 74% of respondents said
that email downtime would result in customer contact disruption
affecting customer satisfaction. So, keeping your business email
running—even when disaster hits—is crucial. Essentials Email
Security’s continuity features make this possible. It provides you
with an emergency inbox, instant replay of lost or deleted emails
over the last 30 days, and email spooling.



Social Media Account Protection 

These days, some social media content contains security risks too. These include spam, malware and criminal activity. As you look to grow your business by social media engagement, mitigating this risk is critical. And Essentials Email Security can help. With social media account protection powered by Proofpoint Nexgate technology, you get advanced protection for your branded social media accounts across all major social networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Currents (Google+) and YouTube.